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    With over 300 000 sudden cardiac arrest each year, you may be called on one day to save a life. Chest compressions in CPR are much eaiser once you know how.... read more

How You Can Help

SCA is a huge public health risk. Fortunately we know who happens and how to help people survive the event. But it takes people in our community to do this. Smart Community needs your help to establish a net of community support around Santa Barbara county. Here are some way that you can help us.

Make A Donation


Every bit helps us reach more people. Your funds go directly to training more people in how to respond correctly to a sudden cardiac arrest.  

Provide a Venue

  If you have space where we could host an event, please let us know.

Help Others

  Volunteer to help us during the traing or to help us get the message to others. volunteer@smartcommunitycpr.com

Take A Course


Do the video online. Click here.

Register to attend one of the public events on this page (Free of Charge).

Donate: donate@cprsmartcommunity.com

Volunteer: volunteer@cprsmartcommunity.com




Training For Your Community

Congratulations to the Santa Barbara and Carpinteria

Well Done! Our communities are taking steps to ensure that its members have both the skills and confidence to save a life.
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